27 oct. 2013

Compétition Lilianne-Lambert à St-Michel Samedi 26 Octobre 2013

On Saturday, October 26, CPVDDO was well represented at the Lilianne-Lambert Competition in St-Michel with 12 skaters !!!

Congrats to all skaters. DDO was well represented, showed good team spirit (kids and parents) perseverance.. and best of all had fun!!

Some noteworthy highlights (in no particular order, just a quick scan through the data!):

·         Olivier Tessier: Silver medal (néo-cadet), he will now move up the fastest group! Bravo!
·         Catherine Velestuk: Fourth place medal (see Julien to get your medal)
·         Loïk: 6th overall, finished first in his 200 m qualifying (30 seconds!!)
·         Ouriel: 10th overall, finished first in his final 200 and 400 m.
·         Jake: 16th overall, finished first in his 400 and 500 finals! Showed great perseverance after a few falls but all smiles in the end!
·         Justin: 17th, finished first in his 200 m final.
·         Lucas: 6th overall, finished first in his 800 m final. Very fast group. (is now moving up to Inter-regional level with a chrono of 0:48:60 at 400 m, needed 0:49:50 to pass)
·         Sabrina: 10th, finished 1rst her 800 m final (1:52:67!!. fast)
·         Jacob: 5th, finished first in his final 200 m (is now moving up to Inter-regional level with a chrono of 1:40:14 at 800 m, needed 01:42:00 to pass)
·         Pierre-Thomas: His first LL race. 8th, finished first in his 400 and 500 m finals. Bravo mon grand!
·         Alexis: 12th, finished first in his 200, 400 and 800 m finals! Very consistent day for him.. with good control!
·         Arthur: 16th, strong first place finish in his 200 m final (0:25:75)!

Nous pouvons être fière de nos jeunes et du travail des coaches!
Glen Légère

26 oct. 2013

Halloween et Pratique Annulée

Comme vous le savez tous, jeudi, le 31 octobre, c'est HALLOWEEN.  La session de patinage est ANNULÉE.  Pour les patineurs inscrits le Jeudi, vous pouvez reprendre cette session soit le dimanche le 27 octobre ou le 3 novembre.

À noter, que le dimanche 27 octobre, nous aurons des petites surprises pour les patineurs.   Désolé les parents!

As everybody knows, Thursday, October 31 is HALLOWEEN.  there will be NO SKATING on Thursday.  For skaters registered on Thursday's only, you are welcome to one of the Sunday sessions, either Sunday October 27 or November 3rd.

Please note that on Sunday, October 27, we will give away small goodies to the skaters.  Sorry parents!

Compétition Provinciale 19-20 oct à Maurice-Richard

Le weekend dernier avait lieu la première compétition de niveau provincial à l'aréna Maurice-Richard.  Nos 2 entraîneurs Rutger Boelen et Julien Choinière étaient présents.  La compétition regroupait 153 patineurs(ses) du secteur ouest.

Rutger, classé groupe 4, est arrivé 2e du groupe et sera promut au groupe 3 à la prochaine compétition - Félicitations Rutger!
Julien, classé groupe 1. est arrivé 20e.  Les 4 premiers du groupe 1 ont passé au niveau élite!

Prochaine compétition Provinciale le 9-10 novembre à l'aréna Maurice-Richard.  Venez les encourager!