26 oct. 2014


Voici la liste des compétitons à venir avant la période des fêtes!!!

Compétition #2 Provincial - Sect Ouest - Sam+dim 8-9 Nov 2014
Aréna Gadbois - Inscription complétée

Compétiton #1 CLFun - Sect B - Dim 9 Nov 2014
Arena Mirabel - Inscription complétée

Compétition #2 Inter-Régional - Sect C - Samedi 6 Dec 2014
Aréna PAT - Rodrigue-Gildert - inscription à venir

Compétition #2 Lilianne-Lambert - Sect A+B - Samedi 13 dec 2014
Arena Trois-Lacs - Vaudreuil - Inscription à venir

Compétition qualification JQ - Lac St-Louis - 14 Dec 2014
Aréna Rolland - Montreal Nord - Inscription à venir (inter-Régional minimum)

Compétition #1 Lilianne-Lambert, secteur A

On saturday October 25th, DDO sent 9 skaters to the Lilianne-Lambert competition. Each and everyone of them had results worth of mention!

Laurie-Anne, Benjamin, Finish 5th, 8 points off a medal, even after she fell in two finals! She did an amazing time of 51,28 seconds in the 400 meters!

Loik, Benjamin, Finish 11th, after a bad fall in his first race. He improved his 400 meters time to 57,37 seconds and won the 500 final B!

Nathaniel, Benjamin, Finish 15th in his first LL competition! He also fell in his first race and also improved his 400 meters time, to 58,57 seconds!

Ouriel, Benjamin 1, Finish 10th, after 4 bad falls. Competing with the best cadet, it was a hard competition for him!

Marcus, Neo-Cadet, did his first competition ever and finished 14th!

Justin, Cadet, finished 7th and improved his 400m time to 58,76 seconds!

Jake, Also Cadet, finished 8th and he did an amazing 400m time of 52,13 seconds!

Finally, but not least, Olivier, Juvenile, finished 2nd! He did amazing in his 400m and got a time of 49,75 seconds and got his Interegional time in the 800m with 1:40,57 seconds! He also came 2nd in the 800m final after a very tough race! He will be competing again next time, this time, with the Interegional!

Congratz Everyone!